analyse - plan - report - improve - grow - exit

We exist to provide the skills of a Finance Director to customers who do not need, do not require or do not wish to pay for a full time Finance Director


We tailor our services to your needs

Save over £30,000 by replacing your full time FD with an outsourced part time FD

Management Info

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  • Management Accounts
  • KPI's
  • Gross profit analysis
  • Board packs

Finance Director

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  • Profit improvement
  • Business growth
  • Cash management
  • Cost management

Strategic planning

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  • Budget & cashflow
  • Strategic plan
  • Turnaround & recovery
  • Exit strategy

Business coaching

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  • 13 week turnaround
  • 13 week powerup
  • Startup boost
  • Management training

full time skills / part time costs