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The value of Management information does not lie within knowing the the bottom line figure, but within knowing how this figure was achieved. If you know where you are profitable and where unneccessary costs are incurred then you are able to plan how to improve your business and how to track the progress of these improvements.

We will prepare your monthly management accounts tailored to your requirements for a fixed monthly fee, replacing the need for a Financial Controller

management information

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Management Accounts

FDM works with your existing accounts department to prepare monthly management accounts tailored to your requirements and we are also available to attend an on site meeting to review the accounts.All management accounts include a detailed Profit & loss and Balance Sheet. The preparation of management will reduce your cost for Financial Accounts.


Effective KPI's give an instant snapshot of performance in key areas of the business and should be monitored to track business improvement and as a useful management tool to measure the effectiveness of each element of your business.We will work with you to identify the key drivers,key issues, key triggers, key redlines, then create KPI's to measure and benchmark your business performance.

"Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity"

In any business it is not the level of sales which determines the net profit, but the level of gross profit and if this gross profit exceeds the overhead.


Do you know if you are in profit with every customer, product or market sector?

Is you highest priced product or service the most profitable?

Are your processes optimised for maximum profit?


FDM will ensure you are able to accurately understand and track these issues, giving you the confidence to make business improving decisions.

Management Meeting Packs

For a larger business requiring a more formal meeting structure we are able to prepare a Management Meeting Pack including:

  • Management Information
  • Management Review
  • Gross profit analysis
  • KPI
  • RAG report

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